K-Drama Review: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

At first, I  thought  it would be like Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo that has high school romance between a boyish strong girl and a boy next door but I was wrong! Very wrong. Hahaha!

I started watching it mid- April after my friend recommended it but I stopped because I went to our province to have a short vacation. I can’t get enough with this drama and I really miss Minmin and Bongbong so right after I finished this drama I immediately watch ‘Oh My Ghost ‘where the leading lady here was also Park Bo Young and I’m planning to watch Hwarang too because of Park Hyung-sik!


Do Bong Soon (Park Bo Young) was born with superhuman strength that is inherited or passed only in the women of their family. She has a crush to her long time friend named Gook Doo (Ji Soo) , a police officer. She fought a group of gangster and that moment, her power was accidentally discovered by Ahn Minhyuk (Park Hyung-sik), the CEO of gaming company, Ainsoft. He doesn’t trust policemen so he hired Do Bong Soon as a body guard because he believed that she can protect him from anonymous threats  from a stalker.

Casts / Characters

Park Bo Young became one of my girl crush after watching it because she’s so cute and really good in acting. I bet that you will easily fall in love to her character just like how she can easily breaks things without breaking a sweat (yeah, you read it right)! I really ship her to Park Hyung-sik  who portrayed a childish-arrogant boss of Do Bong Soon (Park Bo Young). Ahn Minhyuk is such a dork and Park Hyung-sik gave justice to this character. And undeniably, he really suits those aegyo (Gosh, wanna hug and squeeze him everytime he did that)!



Gosh! Their height difference is so cute too!

Too much feels for Min min and Bong Bong!

Ji Soo’s character here is also lovable and I was being attack again of ‘second lead syndrome’. Gook Doo is a type of a guy who is really serious and dedicated to his work. It’s so sad that his too late to confess his true feelings to Do Bong Soon. I noticed that Ji Soo doesn’t have any lead rule so I hope in the future he leaves the title of being ”the second lead”. I’m ready to sign a petition for him to  have a lead rule coz this man deserves better! *cries*


Don’t get me wrong but I really love seeing bromance in K-Dramas because I find them cute and entertaining! Aside from Goblin and Grim Reaper’s bromance, I liked Anh Minhyuk and Gook Doo bromance too! Here’s some scene of their overflowing bromance!



The cool editing and effects in this drama is really amazing! It’s like you’re watching a live action of a comic book. There are scenes that looks like real and I’m like a kid who really amazed. Heol!


I really love the soundtracks in this drama. I’ve been listening to it’s ost in YouTube for one week and downloaded the songs that I really like! My faves are  Super Power Girl by Every Single Day,  Heartbeat by Suran, and Double Trouble Couple by MAMAMOO.


The ending is really a satisfying one and there’s nothing I can say about it. Romance-comedy, fantasy, thriller and action genre were all in this drama (yes,all in one)! And honestly, it’s so hard to get over with this..One of my fave k-dramas and highly recommended!


2 thoughts on “K-Drama Review: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

  1. Amazing huhuhu I want to watch this but im kinda hesitant to start????? Have you watched School 2015? I just finished it and I am contemplating if I should watch Strong Woman next! Im having a major drama hangover. Ughh.


    1. Hi Mika! Yes I already watched School 2015 and it was really good. I’m planning to watch School 2017 that still airing when I have a time. You should watch SWDB because it was really worth it. Promise! One of the k-dramas that I highly recommended. 🙂

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