5 Reasons Why You Should Watch K-Dramas

Aside from reading books and listening to K-Pop musics, I’ve been hooked up in watching Korean Dramas or K-Dramas nowadays. And even though I have a class the next day and I should wake up early I stay up late to watch K-Drama.  There is always a situation where I will tell myself I’ll just watch two or three episodes that night but, sadly, I always ended up watching more episodes. I really pity myself for that. Haha.

kdrama islife

So here are the reasons why you should watch Korean Dramas..

1. You will truly love the story line. Just like books there are different genres of K-Drama that you can choose. There are lots of K-Dramas that are well known for their unordinary flow of story that can give you mixed emotions just like how W: Two Worlds messed up with my emotions and mind (huhu!).Well, I really admire the writers and producers that can make the drama more interesting and will not let the viewers get off their seats because of exciting scenes.


2. You will love the characters / the casts.  I already watch some k-dramas that I don’t know or haven’t seen some of the cast in other k-drama but ended up liking them anyway because of their character and the way they give justice to the character they are portraying. And surely, you will also love those casts who only not good in acting but also have this beautiful face and body built that will make you drool (Lmao!) or make you ask yourself if that actor/actress is still a human-being!


3. The Setting. What I’ve noticed to most of new K-Dramas they only  not have one setting or place. The story will not only focus in one place-not only in Korea. Just like Goblin:The Lonely and Great God the original setting is on Korea but they also filmed in Quebec, Canada, The K2 (Korea-Spain),  and The Legend of the Blue Sea (Korea- Galicia, Spain) and more. There are also historical dramas that the settings should be in historical places like in ‘Moonlovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo’ and ‘Moonlight Drawn by clouds’. And that’s what I like in watching K-Drama they only not show the beauty of their country but they also show and preserve up to present time the aesthetic beauty of their historical places .


4.You can learn new language/s. Because of K-Drama I leaned new Korean words that I sometimes unintentionally  used as an expression when interacting with others like:  jinjja?! (Really?), aigoo , arasso (alright/okay) and more. And just like those k-dramas that are filmed in other country you can also learn simple words from the cast that can maybe catch your interest and inspire you to study not just Korean Language but also other country’s language!


5. The soundtracks. Okay, why did I include it here? Because even you don’t understand the meaning of the song , there will be songs or a song that will capture your heart because of its beat and melody. It feels that song speaks to your heart. Just like my sisters who are not into K-Pop they ended up liking and listening to the soundtracks that they heard from the K-Drama they are watching because they said it’s so catchy. Even, myself, I admit that I also downloads the soundtracks that I like and every time I play it I remember the k-drama that I watched or the scene where I first heard it!


So that are the 5 reasons why you should watch K-Drama.

For those people who love watching K-Drama, you can also share your reasons in the comment area or even recommend some K-Drama to watch! 🙂


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